Dashboard Manual - Overview

Dashboard Overview

The dasboard is the first thing you will see after you have logged in. This dashboard gives you an quick overview of the most important statistics for each app. Each apps has it's own so called tile (6). By clicking the tile you will be guided to the app specific page with the Shappz Admin.

The Screen

shappz dashboard

Screen Description

1 The menu, this menu will always appear in each screen and contains your navigation through the admin panel.

2 The title of the current page / section. Mostly you domainname is used here.

3 Our App store, this section will display all the apps we have and the apps you have installed already. Please bear in mind that this is not the SEOshop App store.

4 This part of the menu will contain all links to the applications you have installed.

5 Social Settings is used throughout the applications. As soon as you type your facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, linkedin URL we will start displaying links in all the communication we send out. Would you like to remove the social links for your templates? Please go to the app specific template editors.

6 The App tile area. Each app installed will have its own tile. The tiles will contain the most important app statistics.