Dynamic Coupons - Create Coupon

Create a dynamic coupon

Dynamic Coupons are a kind of template that will be used to generate a customer specific coupon code.

The Screen

dynamiccoupon create

Screen Description

1 Name of the dynamic coupon, this name will be used internally to distinguish the dynamic coupons internally.

2 The app that will be used to generate the coupon code

3 Type of coupon code that will be used, can either be a percentage or a fixed fee.

4 If price is selected, the discount price. If the percentage is selected the discount percentage.

5 The minimum order amount the customer needs to spend before the coupon will be active.

6 The amount of times the coupon code can be used

7 A code prefix that can be used to prefix the generated (Alpha Numeric) coupon code

8 The validity period that the coupon remains valid.

9 The button that saves the template for the coupon code.