MyAbandonedCart Manual - Dashboard


Each Shappz App has a custom dashboard item that will be added to your dashboard. This gives you an instant overview of how all your apps are performing.

The MyAbandonedCart dashboard item contains 6 important elements that are discussed below.

The Screen

myabandonedcart Dashboard

Screen Description

1 The App title

2 Represents the amount of emails the app has sent. This includes each test email and other app related emails.

3 The amount of known carts found. A known cart is a cart that is related to a customer.

4 The amount of unkown carts found. A unkown is a cart that can't be related to a specific customer. This might be caused by the fact the customer isn't loggedin. If this amount increases significantly try to stimulate customers to login.

5 The amount of carts that have been recoverd. A recoverd cart is a customer that has been notified of his abandoned cart and returns to pays his cart.

6 Link to the app