MyBirthdayMailer Manual - Templates

Templates Overview

This section displays all the templates your application uses. By default we added the store's main languages as a template. If you have a multi-languages store, we add three templates (firstReminder, secondReminder, thirdReminder) for each language that our system supports. Currently we support English, Dutch and German by default. Do you want us to add another language, please feel free contac us at [email protected]

The Screen

myabandonedcart Templates

Screen Description

1 Template Name, this is used to distinguish all the templates.

2 Subject of the email. The subject may differ per templates.

3 Language of the template. if you have a multi-languages store multilanguage will be visible.

4 Timestamp of creation. Time when the template was created.

5 Last time the template has been updated.

6 Actions:
Edit the template
Test the template. By clicking this button a test email will be send to the email address known in the settings section. (as descibed here)
Preview your template. By clicking this button a preview will be opened, this preview will contain dummy data.