MyCustomerMotivator - Overview


The MyCustomerMotivator displays all campaigns. On this same page you are able to create a new campaign by clicking the 'Create Campaign' in the top-right corner.

The Screen

mycustomermotivator overview

Screen Description

1 Click this button to create a new campagin. How to create a campaign is explaind below.

2 Each campaigns has several actions attached to it. Click to edit an campaign, click to stop the current campaign.

3 These icons determin what type of motivation it is. is a normal motivation and will be displayed on each page. is a cart motivation and will be displayed only in the shopping cart. The cart motivation has special feature included. You can set a treshold and display the amount remaining to reach that treshold. For instacn, to motivate customers to reach the free-shipping limit.

4 The current status of the campaign:

  1. Active the campaign is active. Hover the label to see the end date.
  2. Finished the campaign is finished. Hover the label to seen the end date.
  3. Sheduled the campaign is sheduled. Hover the label to seen the start date.

5 The date of creation.

6 The date of the last update