MyProductRevies - Orders


Once you click an order in the overview you will be redirected to the order page.

The Order details

myproductreviews order details

Screen Description

1 Search for a specific order

2 Search button to activate the search

3 The Ordernumber as reflected in the Lightspeed Backoffice

4 Customer Name

5 Total Value of the order

6 Shipment status, reviews are only requested x days after the order has been shipped

7 Status of the review; <br /><em>Review Planned:</em> Review request is sheduled to be emailed. <br /><em>Request Sent:</em>Review request has been sent to the customer.<br /><em>Review Given:</em> Review has been given by the merchant

8 Envelopps will show up here if the email has been send

9 When the order has been placed

10 Stop this order from being processed by MyProductReviews

11 View more details about the order

The Order Details

mydigitalsales order statistics

Screen Description

Order number of the detailed order

The value of the detailed order

Timestamp when the order has been placed

Timestamp of the last update of the order

Shipment status of the order. Only shipped orders will be processed

Name of the customer that has placed the order

Email of the customer that has placed the order

Button to confirm the email change

Details of the placed review. This review corresponds to this specific order

Rating of the review that corresponds to this order

Visibility of the review that corresponds to this order

Icon that triggers visibility of this review

Timestamp when the review has last updated