MyProductRevies - Overview


The overview displays the 50 orders. Are you in search of a specific order, you can search for the order in the search bar.

The Screen

myproductreviews overview

Screen Description

1 Search for specific reviews

2 Search button to activate the search

3 External Review Id, that is the ID the review has in Lightspeed.

4 The title of the product that has received the review

5 The name of the customer that has provided the review

6 If the icon is displayed, it means that the customer has purchased a product on your website

7 Star representation of the rating. 5 starts represents a 5 star rating

8 Displays if the review is visible yes or no

9 Icon that triggers visibility. Makes it visible or invisible.

10 Timestamp of when the review has been placed

11 View the product and the review in your own store