MyProductUpsell - Overview


When the MyProductUpsell dashboard button is clicked. It will lead you to this page. This page gives you an overview of the upsellsd.

The Screen

myproductupsell overview

Screen Description

1 The search field to search for a specific product.

2 The search button, if you click the button it will search for the specified product.

3 Click this button if you want to add a Upsell

4 This is the SEOshop Product Id

5 This is the Product Title, the product title is displayed in the default language of your webshop.

6 This is the status of the upsell. That can either be: Active or Inactive

7 The amount of views the upsell has had in the past month

8 The date the upsell has been created.

9 A set of actions you can do with your upsell