MyStockNotifier Manual - Design


MyStockNotifier displays a modal as soon as the product is out of stock. The modal is fully adjustable to your desired design that matches your exisitng design.

The Screen

mystocknotifier design

Screen Description

1 This fields determines the color of the overlay. The exact color may differ as we increase the opacity so that the website is slightly visible on the background.

2 This color field adjusts the color of the header in which the title is displayed

3 This field determines the font color of the title.

4 Adjust this field if you want to adjust the background-color of the modal window

5 With this field you can adjust the color of the text within the modal

6 This determines the button background color

7 This determines the font color of the button

8 All the changes you make the colorfields, are directly visible in this output screen.

9 Save all the changes by clicking this button.