MyStockNotifier Manual - Content


All the Shappz Apps are fully multilingual. Within the MyStockNotifier app all the texts for every language are adjustable. Within the content section you can easily adjust theses texts to match your style. The texts are grouped per language. As soon as you adjust a text, the texts are directly visible in the preview.

The Screen

mystocknotifier content

Screen Description

1 This content of the header section

2 The introduction text

3 The title just above the email field

4 The message above the checkbox that determines if a customer wants to subscribed to an email list.

5 The text within the button

6 Additional an footer text can be added. This text will appear below the button. You can use this i.e. for an disclaimer notice

7 This message will appear as soon as the customer has typed in an invalid email address.

8 The success message will appear if the email has been saved

9 The existing customer message will appear if the customer has already subscribed to this product. We measure subscription based on the IP-address and outstanding requests.