MyStockNotifier Manual - Orders


MyStockNotifer keeps track of the orders that have been converted with the help of the application. This will give you a better understanding on how the app performs.

The Screen

mystocknotifier orders

Screen Description

1 The order number corresponding to the number in the backoffice

2 The name of the customer

3 The email of the customer

4 The total value of the order

5 If this order is recovered by MyStockNotifier

6 The date that the order has been added

7 Click the icon to see the order details and see exactly what product has been recovered

8 Toggle between all orders and only the MyStockNotifier recovered orders

The Screen

mystocknotifier orders

Screen Description

1 Title of the product

2 If the product is recovered a checkmark icon is displayd. Also recognizable by the green coloured bar.

3 Quantity the customer has ordered

4 Price a piece

5 Price total, (quantity * price a piece)