MyStockNotifier Manual - Settings


Within the settings section you can easily adjust your settings. Within this section you determine how and when your popup will be displayed and what the originator of the email will be.

The Screen

mystocknotifier settings

Screen Description

1 The name of the originator. This name will be displayed as soon as the customer receives the email

2 The email address of the originator

3 Determines when exactly the notifications will be sent. Default value: 0. If the current stock is higher than this value + stock minimum than the notification will be sent.

4 If, for some reason, your catalog is out of sync, click this button and your catalog will be deleted and redownloaded. We will never remove requests that customers have. Please take into account that reloading an entire catalog my take a couple of minutes. We are capable of transferring 25.000 products per minute.

5 Use this option to disable the newsletter request in the modal window.

6 Trigger: determins how and when the modal window will be displayed.
1. Forced: will display the modal after a short period; x seconds.
2. Banner: A banner will be displayed. As soon as the customer clicks this banner, the modal window will be displayed. Further settings on the banner are explained below.
3. Custom: This option can be used if you want to have a custom button on your site. Give this button the following id="msn_trigger" and as soon as the customer clicks that button, the modal will be displayed.

7 Per language you can adjust the banner text. That is the text that will be displayed in the banner.

8 Determine the background color of the banner

9 Determine the squareness of the edges of the banner

10 Determine the with of the banner. Take into account that if you reduce the banner width, the banner text might occur on multiple lines of text

11 Determine the color of the text within the banner

12 Determine the font-size of the text within the banner

13 Determine the banner position; top or bottom