SEOshop Mobile Manual - Customers

Products List

This section will allow you to see all the customers.

The Screen

SEOshopmobile Customer List

Screen Description.

This screen is scrollable. If pulled down the review list will refresh and update all the customers that are updated or new. This may take a couple of seconds. By default the 25 last updated or new customers are visible.

1 This button toggles the menu on the left side. Within this menu you can switch through the different sections; Orders, Customers, Reviews, Tickets, Products, Settings.

2 Tab this field and type the customer you are searching for. You can search by name or email.

3 Tab this button to start searching

4 The customer's name

5 The customer's email

6 Tab the customer to see the customer details

Customer Details

This section displays the customer details.

The Screen

SEOshopmobile Customer Details

Screen Description.

1 Tab this button to go back to the customer list

2 The customer's name and adres

3 The customer's contact details. Both the email and telephone number are clickable

4 The customer's shipping details

5 The customer's order history

6 The order status icon