SEOshop Mobile Manual - Dashboard


As soon as the App is installed or opened the dashbaord will be displayed. The dashboard features the most important statistics of your webshop.

The Screen

SEOshopmobile dashboard

Screen Description

1 This button toggles the menu on the left side. Within this menu you can switch through the different sections; Orders, Customers, Reviews, Tickets, Products, Settings.

2 This button refreshes the dashbaord with the lastest data. The dashboard is automatically refreshed when the section is loaded.

3 Displays the paid turnover of that period. (Swiping the screen from left to right changes the period of the dashboard). Paid turnover is the actual paid turnover by the customer

4 Displays all the turnover within that period. This implies orders that haven't been paid yet.

5 Displays the amount of orders within the selected period.

6 Displays the amount of visitors within that period. Visitors are unique; so if a customers visits the site twice, it will be calculated as 1 customer.

7 Displays the amount of pageviews within that selected period.

8 Indicates which period has been selected. Swiping the screen makes it possible to switch between;
- Daily
- Weekly
- Monthly
- Yearly

9 Displays the three hotkeys. These hotkeys are configurable in the settings section.