Settings Manual - Company Details

Company Details

In order to be compliant with the law and increase the rate of emails sent, company details need to be included in the email. Initially we have copied this data from Lightspeed.

The Screen

Settings Company

Screen Description

1 The name of your company

2 The name of the owner of the company, this is obligatory in the German region

3 The phone number of the company

4 The address of the company, the address where customers can visit you.

5 The zipcode of the company

6 The city where the company is located

7 The region where the company is located, this could be the state, region or provence.

8 The country where the company is located.

9 The button to save all the changes

10 See how the variables can be used in the templates

How to use this in templates?

The company details can be used in all types of templates. Simply insert the following snippets:

The Screen

shappz settings

Screen Description

1 {{ }} Displays the name of the company

2 {{ company.owner }} Displays the owner of the company

3 {{ }} Displays the phone number of the company

4 {{ company.street }} Displays the address of the company

5 {{ company.zipcode }} Displays the zipcode of the company

6 {{ }} Displays the city of the company

7 {{ company.region }} Displays the region of the company

8 {{ }} Displays the country of the company

9 {{ company.full|raw }} Displays the full address of the company on seperate lines