Settings Manual - Social Settings

Social Settings Overview

This section will contain URL's to your socials. These social URLs can be used within templates and are easy to update. Once a URL entered the apps will start using the URL. If left blank, the apps will not display icons or links to your socials.

Current list of apps using the Social Settings

The Screen

shappz socialsettings

Screen Description

1 Link to your Twitter account.

2 Link to your Facebook account.

3 Link to your Youtube account.

4 Link to your LinkedIn account.

5 Link to your Pinterest account.

6 Link to your Vimeo account.

Template Variables to use Social Settings

The social settings are stored in your shop array. In order to access the variables use the following TWIG statements.

{% if shop.facebook %} {{shop.facebook }} {% endif %}

{% if shop.facebook %} --> Determines if shop.facebook has been set
{{shop.facebook }} --> Link to facebook account
{% endif %} --> Closure tag for shop.facebook.

The full social setting variable list looks like:
{{ shop.twitter }}
{{ shop.facebook }}
{{ }}
{{ shop.linkedin }}
{{ shop.pinterest }}
{{ shop.vimeo }}